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Flexible Business Modeling

EXPERFORM has a flexible modeling architecture moving it beyond traditional resource/activity/cost object ABC. EXPERFORM provides unlimited user-defined modules to capture business dynamics. Instead of one Resource module, you can have one for each source system, for example, GL, HR, and Assets modules.


Flexible Reciprocal Allocations

EXPERFORM is capable of multi-level allocation in the assignment network enabling any element-to-element assignments on reciprocal basis.



EXPERFORM provides the ability to drill all the way down to transaction and resource level data so that you have visibility on all contributing costs across a wide range of user defined dimensions.


Highly Scalable

EXPERFORM has been designed to hold and calculate any business model of all sizes and of all types.


What-if Scenario Planning

EXPERFORM allows for multi-period/multi-model scenario planning enabling organizations to build parallel modules using the same source data and make changes in driver volume, cost object volume, activities, and any other elements of the model and see the results.


Driver Formulation Panel

EXPERFORM is capable of using many sophisticated drivers. EXPERFORM has very flexible and powerful driver formation panel to allow you to easily set up the business rules that are relevant for your business.


Role Based Security

More users mean more security concerns. EXPERFORM helps ensure security of your data, and allows for more control on which users have access to which data and features.
EXPERFORM enables administrators to control user access with a high level of precision. Role-based security controls allow for screen-level and report groups access control. Administrators can select from more than 100 specific areas to give Add, Edit, View-Only, or No Access rights to each user. You can even block access to key navigation screens.


Report Generator

With the Report Generator, you can design any report you need - quickly and easily. This tool helps you create your own custom reports to complement the standard reporting options within the EXPERFORM. In addition to generating reports based on combinations of fields from different modules, you can add your own numeric fields that perform calculations under conditions you select. This module creates new reports intended to fulfill your specific needs and requirements.
Variety of formatting options (such as commas, dollar signs and leading fill) available for numeric fields
Dates can be displayed and processed in a variety of ways
Allows you to calculate with date arithmetic
User defined security on each report
Handles complex calculations that you define
Conditions handle IF–THEN–ELSE logic
Variables can be inserted to allow for future modifications


Workflow Management

EXPERFORM enables organizations to automate the flow of data entry for approval and authorization, tailoring the procedure by using criteria such as the value involved and/or the rules associated with a particular department, project etc. The work flows deliver a swift flow of targeted information across the organization - direct to the desktops of the people that need it, to deliver a real competitive edge. This tool eliminates unnecessary functions through the automation of business processes and establishes standard and rules-based working methods for greater management control and auditing.



EXPERFORM provides multiple types of attributes which can be used to identify data elements in the model that can be used for reporting purposes. Attributes can represent a range of data elements like value-added, non-value-added, fixed, variable, direct, indirect, etc. there is no limit to the different types of tags. An attribute can even be calculated off other values in the model.


Model Validation

Validation and error reports are built into EXPERFORM. No need to go hunting through the model looking for errors.


Model Automation

EXPERFORM models are largely automated to reduce the amount of manual effort in managing them. The EXPERFORM model automates allocations by automatically selecting the correct activities/products to assign costs based on a chosen formula. It also provides smart error reports that are hyperlinked to take the user instantaneously to the trouble spot or auto-correct the problem in the case of “orphan” items.



EXPERFORM solutions has over 8 years experience in designing, implementing and using large-scale, enterprise-wide cost, profitability and predictive models for government and private sector clients.


Limited IT Administration Required

EXPERFORM with its ease-of-use capability in installation and modeling has made it a best of breed software.